A heartfelt farewell in gratitude

Witten, October 23, 2023:Today we would like to celebrate a very special moment – the well-deserved retirement of Manfred Neumann, a valued member of our OCS family. After 48 years of hard work, including more than 6 years with us, Manfred is taking a well-deserved retirement.

The turnaround ramp became the place for a heartfelt farewell, where the entire staff gathered. Managing Director Merdan Sariboga expressed his sadness at Manfred’s departure and emphasised how much he regretted that Manfred had only spent the last 6 years with OCS. In his view, Manfred could have started at OCS much earlier.

Manfred’s contribution in quality control was invaluable not only because of his daily tasks, but also because he laid the foundations for the quality control we have today. Before Manfred arrived, this important element in our company did not exist in the form we know it today. Thus, Manfred not only pushed the quality control department forward, but also the younger employees were able to benefit from Manfred’s experience and learned a lot from him.

The management and the entire company would like to express their sincere thanks for this added value that Manfred has contributed over the years. As an expression of our appreciation, we presented him with a gift basket including a voucher for the DIY store to support Manfred in his future gardening projects.

In an emotional speech, Manfred thanked the management and the entire staff of OCS for the past years of work. As a sign of his gratitude, he then invited the entire staff to a pizza dinner to celebrate this special day together.

Merdan Sariboga took the opportunity to mention the recent wedding of Niklas Strahmann. Niklas, who did not expect this surprise in front of the assembled team, also received a gift organised by the management and the staff.

Even if in different forms, a new chapter of life is starting for both Niklas and Manfred, for which we wish you both all the best.

We consider ourselves lucky to have had Manfred in our team and we wish him a retirement full of joy, relaxation and fulfilling moments.

His traces in our company will always be present, and we are grateful for the time we were able to spend together.