OCS Volumetric Resistance Measurement (VRM)

Volumetric Resistance Measurement (VRM)

The Volumetric Resistance Measurement (VRM) is an optional measurement system for the Modular Film Analyser (MFA). It enables the inline determination of the specific electrical resistance of conductive polymer films. The measurement is performed by means of a movable measuring head in which measuring and compensation electrodes are integrated. Another feature is the easy operation of the Volumetric Resistance Measurement via the touch panel of the MFA.

Testable Materials

  • Conductive polymer films (tape)


  • Measuring head with several compensation electrodes
  • Easy operation via the touch panel of the Modular Film Analyser (MFA)
  • Security door (including sensor) for monitoring the measurement unit


  • Customer-specific data preparation and transfer
  • Remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O)

Compatible with

  • OCS Tape Line (SSA)
  • OCS Modular Film Analyser (MFA)

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