Modular Film Analyser (MFA)

The OCS Modular Film Analyser (MFA) is used for the continuous cooling, stripping and winding of extruded polymer film. In combination with a variety of different measuring instruments, a wide range of applications for the analysis of different sample materials is covered.

In addition to the Film Surface Analyser (FSA100V2/FSA200V2) for optical quality control of the polymer film, online spectroscopy, the measurement of haze and transmission as well as gloss and thickness can be integrated. This allows the combination of a tailor-made and yet economical solution.


  • Modular architecture for customer-specific configuration with different measurement devices
  • Homogeneous, yet fast tempering of the polymer melt
  • Wide control range of film speed and tensile force for adaptation to a large variety of sample materials
  • Intuitive operation via Touch Panel
  • Simple winding change thanks to pneumatic winding mandrel
  • Comprehensive alarm and status monitoring for autonomous operation


  • OCS Modular Film Analyser with one/two Chill Roll(s) (MFA-CR)
    – OCS Cast Film Line or OCS Tape Line (SSA)
  • OCS Modular Film Analyser with Blown Film Tower (MFA-BFT)
    – OCS Blown Film Line
  • OCS Modular Film Analyser with Calender (MFA-Calender)
    – OCS Tape Line (TQA)

Sales Team

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OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
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58454 Witten

Technical Details

Haul-off speed
Up to 15 m/min (optional 30 m/min)
Chill rolls
Working width: 200, 300, 400 mm, material: stainless steel, chromium-plated or with non-stick coating
Sleeveless pneumatic mandrel, winding diameter of up to 600 mm
Communication protocol
MODBUS (RTU, TCP/IP), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC (Server/Client), CSV file, customer-specific

Additional camera systems available

  • X-Ray Tape Analyser (XTA100)
  • Tape Quality Analyser (TQA100)
  • Surface Quality Analyser (SQA100)

Additional measuring devices available

  • Spectroscopical Measurement System APLAIRS®
  • Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)
  • Haze and Transmission Measurement (OHM)
  • Gloss Measurement (OGM)


  • High-temperature version of the Modular Film Analyser (MFA)
  • Additional housing for measurement system on chill roll module
  • Special surface coating of the chill rolls (e.g. to prevent adhesion)
  • Air knife for homogeneous cooling and surface smoothing of the polymer film
  • Film breakage monitoring with measurement of the film speed
  • Air nozzle for uninterrupted changing of the film winder
  • Customer-specific data preparation and transfer
  • Remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O)

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