Pellet Size & Shape Distribution Measurement (PSSD)

With the OCS Pellet Size and Shape Distribution System (PSSD), all types of pellets can be analysed in free fall using a line scan camera. The system classifies pellets (over- and undersize, abrasion, agglomerates, etc.) according to their morphological properties. Further special features of the PSSD are the monitoring of the pelleting system (degree of abrasion of the cutters), the determination of the pellet weight (with optional weighing system) and the data transfer of the real-time results to the production and process control.

Testable Raw Materials

  • All types of pellets


  • High-speed CMOS line scan camera (monochrome)
  • Smallest detectable contamination size: 71 μm
  • Throughput rate of up to 18 kg/h depending on pellet properties
  • Visualisation of the real-time results

Compatible with

  • OCS Pellet Scanner (PS25C)

Sales Team

T +49 2302 95622-0
F +49 2302 95622-33


OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
Wullener Feld 24
58454 Witten

Technical Details

CMOS colour matrix camera
71 μm
High-power LED with white light spectrum
Communication protocol
MODBUS (RTU, TCP/IP), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC (Server/Client), CSV file, customer-specific

Additionally available add-ons

  • Multi-Hopper System (MHS)
  • Weighing system


  • Customer-specific data preparation and transfer
  • Remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O)

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