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Pure Satisfaction – OCS Measuring and Testing Systems for Your Raw Materials

The polymer industry strives for 100% material purity. Contamination in raw materials such as pellets is a major problem – especially in the manufacture of high-voltage cables or for medical applications. As a result, not only the physical properties of pellets, powders and flakes, but also the entire extrusion process must be checked. The rheological behaviour, molecular structure and chemical composition of the material are also revealing quality indicators.

OCS offers testing and measuring systems for raw materials that meet all individual requirements. Applied in the laboratory, in R&D or in the ongoing production process, they take quality management to a new level. When used as an online system to optimise process control, OCS solutions shorten reaction and product change times. They also offer excellent quality control and reliability as offline laboratory systems.

Film Sample Preparation and Analysing

Lab Extrusion Lines

The OCS Laboratory Extrusion Lines test and measure the polymer properties in extruded film. The integration of optical, chemical, physical and rheological measuring devices enables quality checks in real time during ongoing polymer production or in the laboratory. The optional remote control function allows significant reductions in personnel deployment, as all systems worldwide can be controlled and monitored from a single location. All Laboratory Extrusion Lines have a modular architecture and therefore facilitate expansion as required. They are portable to ensure easy handling and simple maintenance.

Pellet and Powder Analysis

Pellet and Powder Analysis

The OCS Pellet and Powder Scanners are used as laboratory systems for quality control and safety. They can alternatively be used as online systems to monitor polymer quality during production and improve process control. All testing systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras and special lighting functionality to ensure the best possible product quality. Analyser comparison.

Chemical, Physical and Rheological Analysis

Chemical, Physical and Rheological Analysis

The OCS devices and systems for rheological, physical and chemical analysis test the composition of the external and physical conditions of the polymer or the petrochemical material and the exposure therein – for example, through the spectroscopic measurement of the melt flow index (MFI), the filter pressure value (FPV), crack resistance and the additive and density composition of the material. Analyser comparison.

Application Areas

  • Laboratory extrusion lines – Film sample preparation and analysing
  • Pellet and powder analysis

  • Chemical, physical and rheological analysis

Cast Film Line

The OCS Cast Film Line is the most common method for producing high-quality cast films on a laboratory scale. The integrated Film Surface Analyser (FSA100V2/FSA200V) detects optical defects such as gels, black specks and fish eyes and measures the physical properties of the extruded film. The Cast Film Line can also be used as an online variant in the laboratory or as an inline variant in the production process.

Blown Film Line

The OCS Blown Film Line is used for the production (extrusion/blowing, cooling, stripping and winding) of high-quality plastic tubular films on a laboratory scale. It checks the extruded blown film for contamination fully automatically and measures film properties such as haze, gloss, thickness and density. Used as an online version in the laboratory or as an inline version in the production process, it offers 100% quality control.

Tape Lines

The OCS Tape Lines are used to test transparent (TCA) and non-transparent (SSA) polymer films called tapes, and are equipped with various test and measurement module options. These have been specially developed for the wire and cable industry. You can find out more about the equipment features in the overview.

Cast Film Line Blown Film LineTape Line (TCA)Tape Line (SSA)
Module I: Measuring Extruder (ME)
ME20, ME25, ME30, ME40, ME45ME20, ME25, ME30, ME40, ME45ME20, ME25, ME30ME20, ME25, ME30
Optional: Standard Pellet Hopper or Pellet Storage Hopper with 25 l (GD2)Optional: Standard Pellet Hopper or Pellet Storage Hopper with 25 l (GD2)Optional: Standard Pellet Hopper or Pellet Storage Hopper with 25 l (GD2)Optional: Standard Pellet Hopper or Pellet Storage Hopper with 25 l (GD2)
Module II: Modular Film Analyser (MFA)
MFA-CR (two chill rolls)MFA-BFT (with blown film tower)MFA-Calender (with calender)MFA-CR (one chill roll)
Camera System:
Film Surface Analyser
(FSA100V2 / FSA200V2)
Camera System:
Film Surface Analyser
(FSA100V2 / FSA200V2)
Camera System:
Tape Quality Analyser (TQA100)
Optional: X-Ray Tape Analyser (XTA100) and Film Surface Analyser FSA100V2 / FSA200V2)
Camera System:
Surface Quality Analyser (SQA100)

Optional measuring and testing devices as well as components (further options on the product pages)
Spectroscopical Measurement APLAIRS®Spectroscopical Measurement APLAIRS®
Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)
Haze and Transmission Measurement (OHM)Haze and Transmission Measurement (OHM)
Gloss Measurement (OGM)Gloss Measurement (OGM)
Volumetric Resistance Measurement (VRM)
LASER Marking System (LM100)LASER Marking System (LM100)
Label Printer (LP100)Label Printer (LP100)
Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100)Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100)
Add-on: production-integrated inspection via
Pellet Transport System (PTS)Pellet Transport system (PTS)Pellet Transport System (PTS)Pellet Transport System (PTS)

Analysing Container – Complete Online Quality Control Systems

OCS has taken the steadily growing requirements of the processing industry for polymer systems as an opportunity to develop an Analysing Container that fully meets the individual needs of a laboratory. Tailor-made OCS Analysing Containers combine OCS Analysing Systems in a single unit. This combination fulfils comprehensive quality control requirements and enables the early detection and tracing of errors.

The Control Unit – the Heart of the Analysing Container

Raw material manufacturers can use the OCS Analysing Containers to integrate standardised online concepts for a ‘closed loop’ in the polymer plants. This enables the test devices to be directly connected to the production process for constant control of material quality.

The Laboratory Extrusion Line – 100% Control of Polymer Quality

The online measurements of extruded films using the test devices in the OCS Analysing Container provide information about the current status of polymer quality at all times. Integrated camera systems measure the gel count (speck test) and, through spectroscopical measurement (APLAIRS®), the density, (co-)monomers, molecular structures, additive concentration and composition of the polymers. Haze, transmission, gloss and thickness can also be measured using the extrusion line.

Pellet Scanner (PS25C) and Pellet Analysing System (PA66) – Exact Classification of Colour, Shape and Size Characteristics

The Pellet Analysing System (PA66) determines LAB values, yellowness index and various other colour properties. The Pellet Scanner (PS25C) checks for colour contamination, such as ‘black specks’ or foreign bodies. The Pellet Size and Shape Distribution Measurement (PSSD) can also evaluate grain size distribution, roundness, possible ‘angel hair’, dust/abrasion as well as doubles and triples.

Take a Look Inside.

The video shows one possibility for equipping an Analysing Container and provides insight into the diverse application and testing options of the flexible test lines.