Pellet Transport System (PTS)

The OCS Pellet Transport System (PTS) is a control system that ensures the continuous and automatic transport of plastic granules (pellets) between production lines and measuring systems. The pellets from the production line are removed by pneumatic samplers. The samples are transported through special conveyor pipes, distributed and fed to the corresponding measuring system. This ensures a gentle transport of the pellets to avoid dust and streamers.


  • Individual and fully automated transport system for supplying the measuring systems
  • Enables timely readjustment in case of parameter variations (minimisation of scrap)
  • Simple operation via touch panel with optical and acoustic alarm functions
  • Optimised transport speed for every application

Compatible with

  • All OCS Equipment

Sales Team

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OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
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Technical Details

Transportation distance
Standard up to 250 m (larger distances depending on product/application)


  • Customer-specific data preparation and transmission
  • Remote control function
  • Dedusting device, drying device, cooling or tempering of granules
  • Manual/representative sampling (e.g. for retained samples)
  • Storage container for flushing or calibration material
  • Individual sampling points

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