OCS Modular Film Analyser with Blown Film Tower (MFA-BFT)
Electrically adjustable tower for adjusting the bubble length


OCS Modular Film Analyser with Blown Film Tower (MFA-BFT)
Automatic control of the bubble diameter according to the preset film width


OCS Measuring Extruder (ME)
Cleaning positions can be approached by electric motor

Blown Film Line

The OCS Blown Film Line is used to carry out optical and physical property measurements of polymers in the production of high-quality blown films (blowing, cooling, laying flat, haul-off and winding). All parameters of the line, e.g. extruder speed, temperature, haul-off speed, film width, film bubble ratio, are stored by a touch panel control system, which ensures that the film quality is reproducible at any time. This is an important parameter for optical and physical on-/offline measurements, for use with gels, impurities, fibres and other contaminants, as well as for turbidity, transmission, gloss, density and additive measurements.

Possible testable polymers include, for example, LLDPE, LDPE, PP and HDPE.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Pellets, powder and flakes

Module I + II (included)

  • Measuring Extruder (ME20/ME25/ME30/ME40/ME45) with blown film die 30–80 mm
  • Modular Film Analyser with Blown Film Tower (MFA-BFT)
  • Film Surface Analyser (FSA100V2/FSA200V2)


  • Cleaning positions of the Measuring Extruder (ME) can be approached via electric motor
  • Modular architecture of the Modular Film Analyser (MFA) to facilitate customisation of additional measuring and test devices
  • Automatic control of the bubble diameter according to the preset film width
  • Operation via touch panel with data trend as well as optical and acoustic alarm functions
  • All system parameters are monitored and saved in the touch panel control system

Sales Team

T +49 2302 95622-0
F +49 2302 95622-33


OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
Wullener Feld 24
58454 Witten

Technical Details

Blown film die
30–80 mm
Die gap
0.5–1.5 mm (depending on nozzle diameter)
Bubble diameter
max. 320 mm
Flattened film width
max. 400 mm
Haul-off speed
0–15 m/min (optional 30 m/min)
Haul-off force
0–20 N
Communication protocol
MODBUS (RTU, TCP/IP), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC (Server/Client), CSV file, customer-specific

Additionally available component for Module I (ME)

  • Pellet storage hopper with 25 l (GD2)

Additionally available measuring and test instruments for Module II (MFA)

  • Reflected Light Measurement
  • Spectroscopical Measurement APLAIRS®
  • Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)
  • Haze and Transmission Measurement (OHM)
  • Gloss Measurement (OGM)

Additionally available components for Module II (MFA)

  • Film break sensor
  • Side edge cutter/coiler/shredder

Additionally available add-on

  • Pellet Transport System (PTS)



  • Customer-specific data preparation and transfer
  • Remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O

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