OCS LASER Marking System (LM100)

LASER Marking System (LM100)

The OCS LASER Marking System is designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The LM100 can be used to mark or label defects on polymer films (tape). The labelling and marking settings as well as the power of the laser can be configured with the operator software to the corresponding product requirements. The LASER Marking System consists of laser, control and suction unit.

The laser unit essentially consists of a class 4 air-cooled laser, a two-part protective cover, a viewing window and a pneumatically swivelling film guide. The laser unit has two air filters so that neither dirt nor dust accumulates inside its CO2 laser.

Markable Materials

  • Polymer films (tape)


  • Laser unit with class 4 air-cooled CO2 laser
  • Two-part protective cover completely encloses the danger area
  • Two air filters prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in the laser unit
  • LED lighting
  • Pneumatically swivelling film guide
  • Adjustable movement speed of the swivel arms
  • Viewing window on the laser unit
  • Operator software with a wide range of labelling and marking settings

Compatible with

  • OCS Tape Line
  • OCS Modular Film Analyser (MFA)

Sales Team

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OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
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Technical Details

Wavelength of the laser
10.6 μm

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