The Company

For over 30 years, OCS – Optical Control Systems GmbH has been known for innovative, customer-specific solutions for quality control and assurance in the polymer and petrochemical industries. In particular, OCS has made a name for itself internationally with customised quality measurement systems and laboratory equipment for raw material manufacturing and the plastics processing industry.

The range of services extends from the manufacture of future-oriented quality measurement systems to system integration and the planning, implementation and commissioning of turnkey laboratories. As the world market leader in the field of optical quality inspection systems, we are represented in over 35 countries. More than 100 experts work for us at our company headquarters in Witten alone. Made in Germany.

Our Vision: 100% purity of your raw materials, films and web materials through individual quality control systems.

Our Mission


Improved Quality

With our innovative inspection systems for quality assurance, we increase your product quality and ensure smooth manufacturing processes.


Reduced Costs

Through the early detection of contaminated batches during the ongoing manufacturing process,
we help you to avoid costs arising from faulty production.


Customised Solutions

Working together with you, we develop customised solutions for your quality control processes – solutions that are individually tailored to your needs and market requirements.

Our Self-Conception


Knowledge Carrier

With over three decades of experience and an international team of specialists, we have in-depth expertise in quality testing and production process optimisation.



We are a committed partner to our customers at all times, providing expert advice, planning and ongoing support in implementation and operations.


Solution Provider

With our deep expertise, we have the capacity to help you develop creative solutions that ensure smooth and flawless production processes.

Our Philosophy: Trust is Good, Quality Control is Better!

Customer Benefits

  • Constant availability of all required analytical and plant operating values
  • Significant time savings through real-time results in quality measurement and error monitoring
  • Immediate response to parameter changes
  • Minimisation of system malfunctions and associated rejects

  • Avoidance of operator error
  • Prevention of scanning errors
  • Prevention of errors in analytical data transmission

  • Reduced laboratory personnel requirements
  • Plant-oriented operation
  • Various options for failure errors

  • Continuous data acquisition
  • Process capability statistics
  • Increase in Cpk value (process capability index)

  • Continuous control of stabilisers, lubricants, anti-blocking agents, antioxidants and other additives
  • Setting of limit values and alarms
  • Optimised additive consumption

  • Product change flexibility through constant display of measured values
  • Optimised product mix on the basis of precise results
  • Optimisation of system flexibility through remix
  • Significant shortening of transition times
  • Possibility for direct intervention

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30-year anniversary


Launch at K Fair of the Pellet Scanner XP7 with X-Ray technology, FSA100V2/FSA200V2, XTA, FSP600 MCE, Purity Control OnRoll (PCR)


Plastics Excellence Awards Dubai: Finalist with the PS800C and Melt Flow Measurement System OP5 


20-year anniversary
Launch of Pellet SCanner PS400C
6th appearance as an exhibitor at K Fair in Düsseldorf


Development and launch of FNCT with LyondellBasell, turnkey laboratory with IOCL


Launch: Rheometer OP5
Success story: turnkey laboratory installed with Sabic and Saudi Kayan


Completion of the third company building


German Innovation Award for the successful introduction of outstanding innovations and related business concepts


Launch of the Web Inspection System FSP600 (production-integrated)


10-year anniversary
Launch of Pellet Size & Shape Distribution (PSSD)
OCS measurement systems in use at over 50 manufacturing companies


Launch of Glossmeter GM5, Hazemeter HM1 and Film Thickness Device TM9
Dedication of the second company building


Relaunch of the PS25C/PT2C, which makes colour deciations detectable


Launch of the Aplairs® system and relaunch of PS25
Manufacture of the first winder


Launch of the new FQM2 optical test system


Founding of the company
Development and launch of film testing and inspection systems and installation of prototypes

100 % Quality in All OCS Processes

OCS delivers the highest quality in all areas of the company. We fulfil the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, from the development of new products to system manufacture, installation and after-sales service.

As an extremely customer-oriented and efficient company, we pay special attention to adherence to this standard.

Certificate OCS GmbH
Certificate OCS Service GmbH

OCS Sustainability – A Partner in Climate Protection

Sustainability is also a very important issue for OCS, and climate protection is particularly close to our hearts. The greenhouse gases generated in the production of a company print publication were offset by supporting regional/international climate protection projects. For example, moors for climate protection (more) and sustainable Brazil nut cultivation for forest protection in Peru (more). More news about OCS sustainability will follow soon!


OCS Responsibility – The Joint Traineeship

Together with Deutsche Edelstahlwerke KarriereWERKSTATT GmbH, we offer three young people the opportunity to complete their Mechatronic Technician traineeship at OCS. With financial support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Social Fund.

OCS Partnerships – PLASTICS Industry Association

Many people unfortunately still associate the plastics industry with negative associations. There is no direct conversation about how plastics positively impact the world. However, the Plastics Industry Association communicates this and they do it transparently. Millions of jobs are created in this industry, whether in medical technology, for example, not to mention recycling. We have been a member of the PLASTICS Industry Association since 1998. The exchange on current topics and the joint networking connects us. Learn more


OCS Worldwide

In addition to the company headquarters in Witten, OCS operates three further project offices in India and Malaysia and maintains close contact with company partners in various countries (shown in dark grey on the map):