OCS Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100)

Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100)

The OCS Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100) performs two tasks in one system. First, it continuously shreds the polymer film into sections of consistant length (specified value) and ejects them. The ejected film cuttings are then collected in a collection container. The OFC100 automatically sorts out the marked and contaminated film sections with the help of the software. These marked sections are significantly longer for purposes of further analysis and are ejected separately via the sorting ejector into another collection container. Here, too, the length of the marked film sections can be defined.


Cuttable and Sortable Materials

  • Polymer films (tape)


  • Automated cutting and sorting unit
  • Consistent and definable section length
  • Working width of up to 100 mm
  • Material thickness of 500 μm
  • Automatic sorting of the contaminated/non-contaminated strips into the respective collection container
  • Cutting unit completely enclosed and locked by safety circuit and electrical door interlock

Compatible with

  • OCS Tape Line
  • OCS Modular Film Analyser (MFA)

Sales Team

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F +49 2302 95622-33


OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
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58454 Witten

Technical Details

Working width
Up to 100 mm
Max. material thickness
500 μm

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