OCS presents product solutions for 100% polymer quality for the cable industry at Wire Düsseldorf

Witten, 15 June .2022: Pellet inspection ensures 100 % control during the production and compounding process. The pioneering inventor Thomas Alva Edison once said: „If there is a way to make something better: Find it!“. That is exactly what OCS have done. They are happy to present their product solutions for quality control for cable industry at the Wire Fair. With live demonstrations, OCS will provide the customers and visitors insights into the fascinating possibilities of inspection technology.

Inspection standards for compounds/masterbatches for the cable industry

Product quality begins with the selection of only high-quality raw materials and top-notch production materials. To ensure that feedstocks are always of the highest quality, OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH has been developing innovative and efficient customer-specific solutions for quality control and assurance for more than 30 years now.

Raw Material Inspection, for example: Particularly when it comes to highly complicated production processes, as is the case with medical applications or the production of high-voltage cables, for instance, absolutely flawless raw materials are essential. Impurities must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, more and more online devices are used for quality control, be it by an OCS Pellet Scanner (PS25C) for small throughput up to 25 kg/h or OCS Pellet Scanner (PS800C) with throughput up to 1,000 kg/h as well as an OCS Powder Tester (PT2C). Quality control right from the start.

The OCS Tape Line TCA® is used for testing transparent polymer films (tape). It consists of the OCS Measuring Extruder (ME) and the OCS Modular Film Analyser with Calender (MFA-Calender). The calendaring system has been specially developed for the wire and cable industry. The Tape Quality Analyser (TQA100) contains a high-resolution camera system that detects contaminants, gels, black specks, fibres and metal particles. The detected errors are marked by the LASER Marking System (LM100) or the Label Printer (LP100). The polymer film is then cut into strips using the OCS Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100) and sorted into appropriate containers. Additional physical, chemical and optical test systems can be integrated on customer request.

Digitalisation – Industry 4.0

For example, several options are available for data communication. Customer-specific data preparation and transfer as well as remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O). Easy integration of external devices (e.g. colour measurement), OPC Server Industry 4.0, easy data transfer to CSV. Further interfaces can be implemented on customer request. Interested in? Talk with OCS sales team about your requirements at the Wire Fair.

Customer Benefits

– Consistently high quality of polymers / defect prevention / scrap minimisation
– Individual and trend-setting solutions
– Best life-cycle costs and performance
– High ROI

Visit us at Wire, 20 – 24 June 2022 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
Hall 10 Stand H32