OCS says goodbye to the Construction Manager

Witten, September 19, 2023: On an autumnal summer day, the entire staff gathered behind the production hall in the turning area to say goodbye to our long-time construction manager Felix Herwegh, who, after more than 15 years of dedicated work for our company OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH, is now entering his well-deserved retirement as a privatieer.

In his speech, Managing Director Merdan Sariboga emphasized that Felix’s farewell not only represents an important moment for him personally, but also illustrates how much our company has developed over time. Felix is the first employee to officially end his career at OCS and retire.

Merdan praised Felix for his analytical and no-nonsense approach to problems, which has enabled him to overcome even the most difficult challenges, whether working alone or as a leader of his team. Felix’s deep passion and dedication to his tasks deserve special mention. His dedicated involvement in various topics deserves respect and recognition.

Felix’s dedication is also evident in his exceptional performance in addition to his professional activities. Not only did he win the OCS bike campaign by a wide margin, but his daily commuting distance of approximately 100 km, which Felix regularly covered by bicycle, is remarkable.

We wish Felix all the best for his new role as a privateer in the future and hope that he can enjoy the well-deserved rest and relaxation to the fullest.