Mondi Gronau

Clever use of defects

“OCS Inspection Systems provide the basis for our process control. By means of the extended networking of complete data stocks from the OCS analysis software and our PDA system, we can react faster to quality variations and assist in the reduction of scrap, rework and machine downtimes.”

Olaf Brauckmann, Head of Technical Service at Mondi Gronau GmbH

Mondi is a leading global packaging and paper company, employing around 26,000 employees in more than 30 countries and contributing to a better world with consciously sustainable, innovative packaging and paper solutions. For more than two decades now, the intensive partnership between Mondi and OCS has been providing continuous collaborations. In all functional levels, assuring further developments and quality control.

Case in point, at the Mondi factory in Gronau, defects are already being cleverly recycled with the help of OCS components. The OCS technology not only has advantages in quality and production monitoring at Mondi Gronau, but also provides a building block for the future development of self-controlled systems. The basis is provided by a sophisticated inspection technology using the OCS film inspection system FSP600, which detects and marks defects and immediately alerts the operator. However, a simple and user-friendly teach-in software is also indispensable. Faults are detected and classified accordingly. Mondi Gronau also sees itself as a pioneer in film extrusion and its further processing. The results of the OCS measuring systems are used in the field of holistic process analysis and integration in the configuration line. In the meantime, almost all extrusion and converting lines are equipped with OCS inspection systems which support daily quality assessment.

In addition, the machine operator is informed about process variations in time and can react to quality changes. All inspection systems have an eye on to the company’s internal production data acquisition system. This means that every roll change is automatically stored and noted with the respective roll number. Complete traceability is ensured and supports the acquisition of information. Film rolls can be automatically blocked by the system without operator intervention. This is made possible by further analysis software which compares the material, raw material and process parameters from the PDA system with the respective quality/film grade and thus offers long-term statistical process control.

Installation ofs OCS Web Inspection System FSP600 in the production line at Mondi Gronau