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“OCS demonstrated an extremely high degree of flexibility during the specification and procurement phase, which for us was an essential indication of our success. Thereby, assuming a high level of overall responsibility in the provision of instruments, essential for the construction of the building and the requirements for analytical availability. Continuous operation during the start-up phase of the various production facilities was able to be ensured because OCS assures obligations such as warranty repairs and subsequent processing.”

Labib Ghaoui, Commissioning Lead for Analytical Instruments, Analytical Science and Technology Leader, Sadara Chemical Company

Sadara Chemical Company, founded in October 2011, is a joint venture operated by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and The Dow Chemical Company (Dow). It is a company without equal. It is the largest chemical plant ever built in a single phase in the world and includes 26 production facilities with a capacity of over 3 million tons a year. The total investment was approximately 20 billion US dollars.

OCS was awarded the contract to plan the central analytical laboratory and to procure and install the analytical instruments for Sadara Chemical Company. Labib Ghaoui (Sadara) appreciates the many years of cooperation with OCS during the delivery and installation phase of the huge and diverse number of analytical devices. “This was a great challenge, but it was also very rewarding when the last analytical device was installed and the laboratory was taken over in an operational state,” says Labib Ghaoui. He has worked with the OCS staff at various stages of the project, starting at an early stage in defining analytical solutions for the central analytical laboratory and ending with the installation and commissioning of hundreds of analytical technologies, including chromatographic, mass spectroscopic and other technologies supporting petrochemical tests.

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