OCS Service Survey

    Good day,
    In order to continuously improve our services, we would like to ask you some short questions about this topic. This OCS service survey consists of 6 questions and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please select the answer that applies to you. For the success of the survey, it is important that you complete the questionnaire in full and do not skip any of the questions. All data will be kept strictly confidential.
    Thank you for your participation.

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    1. Which service was provided?

    2. How would you rate the professional competence of the employee? (Please select the scale value accordingly)

    3. Were your requirements addressed individually? (Please select the scale value accordingly)

    4. If you evaluate the overall quality of our service. How satisfied are you? (Please select the scale value accordingly)

    5. Please give reasons for your evaluation. Where is the strength/weakness in the service? (Please make a short note accordingly!)

    6. What would you like to achieve from the OCS service in the future or what service/product are you explicitly missing? (Please make a short note accordingly!)

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