Another 25-year company anniversary!

Witten, September 15, 2023: Our valued production employee Horst de Haro Civantos has reached his 25th company anniversary – the eleventh in our company history at OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH and the seventh this year!

“25 years ago was a special year,” is how Managing Director Merdan Sariboga starts the anniversary speech for Horst, in the production hall where the staff has gathered to celebrate Horst’s anniversary.

“A great new customer that we still work with today,” is the reason given for the increase in staff 25 years ago.

Looking back on Horst’s career at OCS, Merdan Sariboga continues, “Horst arrived at a time when OCS desperately needed support. Horst’s support was invaluable because, as one of the few new employees, he knew exactly how things were done right from the start! His direct, energetic support has been instrumental in moving OCS forward. Thank you for the years past and hopefully for the years to come.”

Horst’s 25th anniversary with the company reminds us that long-time employees like him are the heart and soul of our company. Their continuity, dedication and knowledge contribute significantly to our success.