25th anniversary of employment in Witten: “OCS is my second family”.

Witten, 4 July 2022: For 25 years he has been writing the 30-year history of OCS: Markus Wagner has been working in electrical engineering design for a quarter of a century. An achievement for which he was now honoured by the Managing Directors Merdan Sariboga and Fatah Najaf of OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH. Staff and management congratulated him at a small get together. Due to the steadily increasing order situation, the company is actively looking for additional professionals in Witten & surrounding area.

On 1 July 1997, Markus Wagner started as an electrical engineer at OCS in Bochum. Since then, he has been in charge of the electrical engineering design department and controls all important processes in this unit. Starting with the customer-specific enquiry up to the delivery and commissioning of OCS quality measuring devices and systems, Markus Wagner takes on an important role in the company.

Managing Director, Merdan Sariboga opened his speech by saying, “Dear Markus, we thank you quite sincerely for your dedication, expertise and loyalty over the past 25 years as well as your fabulous advisory skills and also congratulate ourselves on an exceptional employee as well as a fabulous colleague & advisor.” “Especially at this time, loyal and dedicated employees with their years of professional experience and knowledge accumulated are of immense importance to us.” said Managing Director, Fatah Najaf.

An OCS anniversary certificate, a gift present for the passionate paraglider pilot as well as a bonus emphasised the bond between OCS and its employee Markus Wagner.

OCS GmbH is currently actively searching for further professionals at a number of career fairs in and around Bochum and Witten. Current job applications at: www.ocsgmbh.com/karriere

Picture: © OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
From left to right: Fatah Najaf (Managing Director), Sonja Wolff (Finance & Administration), Markus Wagner (Jubilar) und Lars Raila (Operations Manager)