Evertis Ibérica S.A.

OCS inspection systems reduce complaint rate by 95%

“OCS inspection systems has been effective in solving the problem of increasing material defects in the production of PET film (mainly for food packaging). By using OCS surface inspection systems (FSP600) in Evertis production lines, we have managed to reduce the complaint rate by 95%. The OCS experts quickly removed the initial concerns that 24/7 operation with frequent product changes on the individual lines might not be suitable for this, thanks to precise user training, the ease of use of the FSP600 software and the positive reject quantity results.”

Dias Santos, Technical Director at Evertis Ibérica S.A.

Evertis is a subsidiary of the IMG group, which has been active in the polymer industry since 1959 and has been a pioneer in the field of PET film extrusion. Evertis specialises in the production of single and multi-layer, semi-rigid barrier films for food packaging and other packaging applications. Evertis has been using OCS surface inspection systems (FSP600) on every production line.

Ten years ago there were growing numbers of material defects in the production of PET films for food packaging. Evertis approached OCS with this problem. The solution: OCS surface inspection systems (FSP600) inspect the film produced on the production lines and detect defects. Material defects are thus recognised at an early stage and can also be taught in by the operator at any time using the teach-in function in the software. After initial scepticism due to the frequent product changes on the individual lines and the 24/7 operation, it turned out that using the OCS surface inspection system (FSP600) can reduce customer complaints by 95% at Evertis. The scrap was minimised to the zero point. From this point on, process reliability was assured and the reproducibility of the polymer films was guaranteed.

Qualitative measurement data can also be compared with each other worldwide, because the software concept of the FSP600 system not only includes the acquisition and archiving of image data, but also offers parallel data creation, the implementation of process and material data as well as advanced data analysis and SPC display (Statistical Process Control). This also enables the quality data accompanying the process to be used on downstream machines in the production process and the quality of the film products can be monitored and improved.

Evertis is already considering further investments in OCS inspection systems.

From left to right: Carlos Cruz (Evertis/Selenis, Maintenance Manager) and João Pinto (Evertis, Production Manager) in the production area in front of the control panel of the OCS inspection system (FSP600).