The external inspection solution for highest polymer quality: FSA100EXT – a second life for OCS foreign extrusion lines

OCS not only designs tailor-made (laboratory) extrusion lines to the individual specifications and needs of customers as an overall concept, but also offers external inspection monitoring for OCS third-party extrusion lines. The external Film Surface Analyser (FSA100EXT) is an optoelectronic inspection system for polymer film and provides real-time defect analysis with customer-specific result display.

Inspection technology increases product quality. Upgrading the existing extrusion line with the external Film Surface Analyser (FSA100EXT) optimises quality control in the polymer production process. It thus contributes to a significant improvement and assurance of product quality. Some renowned polymer manufacturers use this extended form of control and assurance in their production lines. The customised frame allows easy and quick adaptation into the existing plant at customer side.

Optimal defect detection at the highest level. State-of-the-art camera technology is concealed in the customised OCS frame. The advanced V2 camera technology consists of a high-resolution dual-line CMOS camera and a user-specific high-performance LED. This combination enables
optimal defect detection in transparent, opaque and coloured polymer film. With the OCS FSA100 software, the measurement results are analysed according to customer-specific specifications and the defects are classified accordingly, providing information about the film quality.

Further information about the FSAEXT100 here