Relaunch of the OCS LA20 – Perfection in the detection of impurities in liquids

OCS relaunched the Liquid Analyser LA20 with the state-of-the art inspection technology. While other special machine manufacturers fear for orders, OCS develops further improvements on the basis of exciting customer projects. Just like in this case, the LA20. With its modern design and the use of innovative camera technology, the smallest impurities in liquids can be detected and analysed with the help of the hardware and software components supplied.

The OCS Liquid Analyser (LA20) is used for optoelectronic inspection of cellulose ethers dissolved in water (e.g. methyl cellulose). This enables the detection of impurities of insoluble components.

The high-resolution colour area camera as well as the high-performance LED lighting are protected by a modern metal housing against dirt and dust. The inspection of the liquids takes place in transmitted light and contaminations from a size of 10 μm can be easily detected. In measuring mode, the light output is automatically adjusted to the translucency of the liquids. Special attention was given to the easy cleaning of the flow cell and the optical filters. Furthermore, the flow cell is continuously purged with air in order to prevent measurement value falsifications.

The special design of the LA20 analysis computer enables a variety of customer-specific system configurations and extensions. The real-time analysis software also allows the operator to freely configure the image processing. This includes, for example, the detection of contaminants via colour classes or the classification of detected contaminants into freely definable colour, size and shape classes.

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