There’s another reason to celebrate at OCS!

Witten, August 15, 2023: The 25th company anniversary of our logistics employee Marcus Ackermann is not only a special event for Marcus. For our company, Marcus is the tenth employee who can look back on 25 years of service. Marcus is therefore an essential part of the 33-year company history of OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH.

For a quarter of a century, Marcus has been ensuring smooth processes in the logistics department, punctual deliveries and always creates a good mood in his environment. With his expertise and commitment, he has contributed to the development of OCS.

In order to duly celebrate 25 years of company affiliation, the entire workforce including the management comes together in the production hall:

In his speech, Managing Director Merdan Sariboga congratulates Marcus on his anniversary and at the same time expresses his gratitude to have an employee like Marcus in his company. A large number of challenges have already been mastered together in the past with dedication and commitment.

A few short anecdotes are told in a relaxed atmosphere and then the anniversary certificate, a gift basket and a bonus are handed over as a sign of recognition.

Not only the management, but also the entire OCS team would like to congratulate you on your 25th company anniversary!


Image: © OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH

From left to right:  Fatah Najaf (Managing Director), Lars Raila (Operations Manager), Marcus Ackermann (Anniversary) and Merdan Sariboga (Managing Director)