K2022: OCS presents intelligent & smart product solutions for inspection, analysis and classification of gels & contaminations

K2022 invites you to the halls of Messe Düsseldorf from 19 – 26 October 2022 after a long break from the trade fair. Enough time to develop intelligent & smart product solutions at OCS. Visit OCS in Hall 10 Stand A34 and learn more about the further development of the FSP600 Web Inspection System with MCE technology as well as the innovative Pellet Scanner. Inspection standards combined with technological and digital progress are the future of tomorrow. All devices and systems are available on site in operator mode.

Real-time inspection using intelligent inspection technology
The OCS inspection systems, starting with the PS25C Pellet Scanner (laboratory or online application) for the inspection, measurement evaluation & classification of e.g. granulates, recyclates and powders up to the Wide Web Inspection System for film plants, can detect irregularities in real time. This is made possible by special camera and lighting technology and the use of high-performance hardware and software components. Whether gels, black specks or burn marks, the OCS systems detect and classify defects of any type. Particularly practical in the online application: the data transmission of the real-time results to the production and process control.

Biopolymers and recyclates – quality control is essential
Due to supply chain bottlenecks, alternative raw materials must increasingly be procured or researched. A sustainable solution is therefore the use of biopolymers and recycled materials. Trust is good, quality control is better. It is therefore even more important to find concrete solutions for this. OCS has taken on this issue and developed standard testing procedures to ensure that high and consistent quality continues to be delivered. The OCS test systems can be used for incoming goods inspection or in the laboratory for further analysis. Show us your material (1 kg) for inspection – Hall 10, Stand A34.

Web Inspection System FSP600 with new MCE Technology
With the smart and unique MCE (Multi Channel Evaluation) technology, detection can be combined in reflected or transmitted light mode as well as in dark and bright field applications, using only one hardware (camera). This enables the simultaneous detection of defects on up to 6 channels. For example, one channel for the reflection of surface defects, three additional channels for transmission (red, green and blue =RGB) for better defect detection and classification. Defect references are teached in with the assistance of the teach-in function, and a common classification of the film rolls (grade evaluation) can be carried out. Furthermore, the OCS software can be integrated into systems such as Ruby (“artificial intelligence” from Windmöller & Hölscher), for example, and thus creates further added value for the operator.

OCS Software 4.0 – the intelligent solution for saving time and reducing costs
The machine operator is informed about process deviations in good time and can counteract quality variations. Both in the raw material manufacturing industry and in the plastics processing industry, seamless traceability is a must and helps in gaining knowledge.
For example, in the case of film manufacturers: here, film rolls can be locked by the system without the operator having to interact. This is made possible by OCS analysis software, which uses the material, raw material and process parameters from the PDA system in relation to the respective quality/film grade, thus providing long-term statistical process control. This not only reduces reject quantities to a significant degree, but also means saving a lot of time and reducing costs! So it’ s no wonder that numerous well-known film manufacturers, as well as raw material producers from the polymer industry, rely on the excellent quality control of their products by using OCS quality measuring and testing systems.

Customer benefits:
– Consistently high product quality, defect prevention & scrap minimisation
– Individual and trend-setting solutions
– Best life cycle costs & performance
– High ROI