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    for your trust in us! We think it is time that we take this opportunity to thank you. Also in 2021 we look back on a challenging year and nevertheless we have managed it together. THANK YOU dear suppliers, THANK YOU dear customers, THANK YOU dear partners and THANK YOU dear OCS team. Stay healthy and have a wonderful new year. Your OCS Management #staystrong #staytogether

Test methods

  • CIE Colorimetry - DIN EN ISO 11664-4, Yellowness Index, Whiteness Index

  • Filter Pressure Test (FPV - DIN EN 13900-5)

  • Full Notch Creep Test, Crack growth behaviour

  • Stipple Test / Contamination (Granules/Pellets, Extrusion Pellets, Extruded Film)
  • Granule Size Distribution, Diameter, Elongation, Roundness, Angel Hair,  Dust/Abrasion, Doubles/Tripples

  • Pellets, Granules, Powder

  • Melt Flow Rate (MFR) Measurement - Melt Index (ISO 1133) - Melt Volume Rate (MVR) - ASTM D1238

  • Spectroscopical Measurement: Density, Film Thickness, (Co-)Monomers, Molecular Structures, Additives