Detectable Defects

The FSP600 Web Inspection System allows the detection of every kind of irregularity in real time analysis. These irregularities often compromise the quality of the film and the end product.

Gels, black specks, fish eyes, holes, wrinkles, scratches, coating voids, water drops, oil stains, insects, contaminations, bubbles, die lines, craters


Lighting Technology

Transmission and reflection LEDs as well as dark and bright field applications can be combined  and work with up to 4 channels simultaneously.  In order to detect critical defects  such as streaks or scratches  there is the possibility to control and trigger the LEDs sequently.  The LEDs can be delivered in red,  white, blue,  UV  or IR  wave length fullfilling  IP54 (water drop  protection)  and passive cooled.


Fields of Application

The all-embracing FSP600 quality control with fast defect analysis and representation is essential and applicable in all fields of film production and converting:

  • Cast- & Blow film and sheet lines (PP, PET, PE, ABS, PC, PMMA, etc.)
  • Coaching lines
  • Calendering lines
  • Bi-orientation stretch film lines
  • Aluminium: extrusion coating and laquering lines
  • Technical films
  • Surface protection films
  • Medical/ pharmarcy films
  • Optical films
  • Hygiene/diaper/non-woven films and laminates
  • Automotive films