Step 3: Building



As per customers’ requirements we design functional plant laboratories up to prestigious technology centres. In cooperation with architects and building enterprises on site, we realise your individual Laboratory meeting international standards and local requirements.

Architectural Services

We develop architectural drawings considering the functionality of the lab, international and national standards and building codes. On individual request we prepare conceptual designs or fully detailed sets of drawings of IFC (Issued for Construction) quality.


We offer complete construction services in collaboration with local construction companies. Our partners are experienced and specialized in laboratory building which ensures that all requirements are met during construction phase. We can provide a long lasting, trouble-free base for your laboratory.


For the design of the furniture layout we use state of the art CAD tools, placing the furniture directly into the architectural drawings of the building for a trouble-free design. For an optimal adjustment of the furniture and the extraction system, gas pipeline and electrical supply, we prepare our design in 3D animations. We have established a long-term partnership with Waldner, a German Manufacturer specialized in Integrated Laboratory Furniture Systems, which guarantees a flexible and high qualitative realisation of our client’s request.

Utilities & Services

Each instrument installed at site is carefully checked for its utilities requirements. We design a modular utilities distribution system, invisibly integrated in the laboratory furniture and false ceiling, easy to maintain and easy to extend on demand.