Web Inspection System FSP600

The OCS grain short control system allows defect detection of nearly all upcoming impurities in transparent and non-transparent films during the production process, as well as during film processing/finishing process.

As a modular system with an optional applicable number of cameras, the FSP600 achieves a 100% surface control for running speeds up to 1000m/min and resolutions from 25µm and is perfectly adjustable to customers` requirements.

Performance characteristics

  • Measuring principles, dependent on materials: transmission or reflection or transmission and reflection simultaneously
  • Lighting technologies: high power blue/ red/ white LED`s with chip on board technology (COB) and passive cooling management
  • Extended hole detection (EHD) for the detection of holes in white or opaque films
  • Mosaic container (RMC) to display the 100 most representative defect photos in one container Technical data
  • Protocols for general statistics and detailed describtion for each defect

Technical Data

Web Inspection system FSP600
Camera1 - 10 CMOS line scan
LightingHF-cycled, blue/ white /red LED, UV and IR light
Inspection width100 mm - 8000 mm
Resolutionfrom 25µm (depending on running speed and material)
-------------Screenshot Mapview
-------------Screenshot Mapview

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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FSP600 User reports

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