Rheometer OP5

The OP5 enables certified measurements of the melt index (MI) and/or polydispersity of polymer powder or pellet samples.  The OP5 gives overall control of many types of polymerisation processes to specific formulations as well as quality control in final product selling specifications.  The OP5  is logically  situated in the plant analysis  laboratory,  which ensures best reliability and maintainability. Representative samples are transported from each reactor stage and from the finished product at  the  call of  each analyser. The real time between the reaction and  the measurement is 5-10 minutes.

Melt  flow measurements are  performed   after the solid  sample  is melted and conditioned to the appropriate   test temperature.   The OP5 melting process minimises any changes to the structure of the polymer by making a very rapid transition from  solid  to liquid, without the negative effect of an extruder screw. The MVR measurement is a patented process accomplished through an exact control of the melt flow, in combination with a high precise, self developed melt preassure measurement. This method achieves results of a typically Base 3 – Sigma level of +/- 1%. Simple, systematic correlations are applied to compensate the relationship  between the OP5  and the lab  test (both ASTM D1238 and ISO  1133). 

The MI result can be used for quality control and the finely resolved and accurate measurements will bring a better precision and thus maximise the added value of the production.

The unique features  of the OP5 equipment  open up the huge opportunity of process control through rheology.

Performance Characteristics 

  • Real time results in 5 - 10 minutes
  • Only one calibration file for complete reactor family, no re-calibration during transitions necessary
  • Optimum location in laboratory environment
  • Real time display with data trending as well as optical and acoustic alarm functions 


Technical data

Melt flow range 0.05 - 1000 cm³/ 10min
Shear rate 0.1 - 2.5x105 sec-1
Test temperature up to 320°C (others, 400-450°C on request)
Pellet/ powder consumption approx. 0.6kg/h
Repeatability Base 3 - Sigma level of + / - 1%
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Detailed information

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