Sample Testing System ST4

The Sample Testing  System ST4 is a compact table unit analysing transparent and  non-transparent surfaces such as plastics, steel, paper and textiles for irregularities and contaminations in a laboratory environment or R&D Centres. 

Depending on the material, there are two possible lighting techniques. The transmission mode is used for transparent material which is fixed on a frame between the lighting unit and the high resolution line camera, whereas during the reflection mode for non-transparent material, the sample is placed in front of the lighting unit and the camera. 

Performance characteristics

  • Open database to any standard file format
  • Teach-in function to remember defined defect types for later analysis
  • Easy accessible for maintenance and replacement of samples DIN A4 or smaller


Technical data

Camera CCD line scan camera
Lighting LED
Inspection width 0.8 - 200 mm
Inspection length 0.8 - 400 mm
Resolution from 5┬Ám (others on request)

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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