The OCS Pelletizer consists of an extruder ME with the required screw diameter, a screw with different compression ratios and mixing zones and a chill roll and winder unit CR9/WU9. The strand die plat has alternatively size diameter from 3 – 5 mm and one or two outputs.

The Pelletizer is used to change the quality characteristics, different formulations such as additives matrixes and masterbatch compounds, size and shape for research and development (R&D) as well as recycling studies of polymers.

Performance characteristics

The Pelletizer possesses various user-optimised process methods:

  • Stainless water bath with air blower die
  • Adjustable speed and pellet collector
Pelletizer and Extruder Type ME

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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