Multiple Plaque Analyser MPA100

The MPA100 system is a compact table unit consisting of a special high-resolution camera and a special lighting unit to detect impurities on the surface of transparent and opaque plaques in the  laboratory and R&D Centres.

Multiple irregularities like scratches or other surface contaminations can be detected. After all samples are fixed in the magazine (up to 20 flat blanks), a robot system automatically cleans each plate, and then places it in the measurement chamber. All pictures of the area scan camera, are analysed and stored by a special image evaluation software.

Performance characteristics

  • 20 independent plaques in one rotating magazine
  • Flat blank cleaning of every sample through ionised air
  • Real-time defect analysis displayed in various forms

Technical data

Camera CCD area scan camera
Lighting LED red flash light, diffuse matrix light
Resolution from 24┬Ám (others on request)

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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