Full Notch Creep Test FNCT

The FNCT is a widely used method to classify polyethylene materials in regards to their slow crack   growth behaviour under accelerated conditions: ESCR (environmental stress cracking resistance). Depending on the chosen test conditions, the sample is held to a certain temperature (up to 95°C) while a steady tensile load is applied to the sample. Around the defined circumferential notch the time of crazing, crack growth and finally brittle failure is measured.  The different test conditions and parameters are summarized amongst others to ISO standard 16770 to classify the material. 

Performance characteristic 

  • 15 sample stations with independent force application and data recording
  • pH-value measurement
  • No time limit on test periods, time resolution: 1 sec (real time)
  • Operation via touch panel with data trending as well as optical and acoustic alarm functions 
  • Stable chemical resistance through stainless steel metal

Technical data

Load range                         4-6 MPa on 10 x 10 x 100 mm

                                              6-9 MPa on 6 x 6 x 90 mm

Force                                   approved for 0,1 N

Calibration accuracy       better than +/- 1 %

Time resolution                 1 sec



FNCT Stations

Detailed information

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