Powder Testing PT2C

OCS Powder Testing System PT2C counts and classifies contaminations for laboratory purposes or for on-line inspection.  The system is capable of detecting discolored powder particles, foreign bodies and other irregularities. The powder can be sorted into different defect classes, with different alarm limits which are completely user definable.

The powder can be inserted manually, by the multi hopper system or directly from the production process by the Powder Transport System.  This allows faster response in order to prevent off spec production.

The images of marked and indexed defects can be stored and presented in a variety of graphs and tables for later analysis.

Performance characteristics 

  • High resolution camera with up to a resolution of 20 μm
  • Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment
  • Real-time colour image analysis stored and displayed in various forms 

Technical data

Camera3-CCD-Chip colour matrix camera
Lighting Flourescent lamp white light spectrum
Power consumption 18W
Resolution 20 - 40 µm
Throughput 300 - 1000 kg/h
Remote control Extender max.100m; service remote control
PT2C Screen
PT2C with Multihopper

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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