Purity Scanner PS800C

The PS800C inspection system is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets.  Equipped with two colour line scan cameras, located opposite of each other for defect detection with 50 μm resolution and 800 kg/h throughput the system provides a precise measurement of contaminations, discolorations and other impurities in different size classes and coloration. The storage of particle analyses and permanent availability of measuring results assure excellent statistic measuring performance and ideal production and process control. An additional feature for the PS800C is the determination of the mixing ratio of different coloured pellets, which is an essential  feature  for  compounder & masterbatch manufacturers and a sorting unit.

Feeding can be automated by means of an online hopper. Furthermore,
a sorting option to separate the contaminated pellets is available on request.

Performance characteristics

The PS800C possesses various easy operational options

  • Abundance of result display options: mosaic view, histogram, distribution cloud, table with size, shape and colour classification and time evolution
  • Easy defect teach-in function for detection of customised defects
  • Determination of mixing ratio for masterbatch and compounder materials

Technical data

High Speed Purity Scanner PS400C
Camera3-CCD-Chip line scan1-CCD-Chip line scan
Lighting Flourescent lamp white light spectrum
Power consumption 1000 VA
Resolution 100 µm50 µm
Throughput up to 800 kg/h
Remote control Extender max.100m; service remote control
PS800C Pellet transport
PS800C Screenshot

Customer application

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Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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