TCA Tape Cleanlines Analyzer 

The OCS TCA Tape Cleanlines Analyzer consist of an extruder ME 25/25V4, a contamination marking device, a tape cutter, a special chill roll and winder unit Calender MFA. The modular concept allows an application of different rheological, chemical, physical and optical testing systems, according to customers’ requirements.

The Calender test is specially designed for the wire and cable industry. The extruded tape is pressed and cooled down from both sides by the special chill roll unit and the high resolution camera detects metals.

Performance characteristics

The TCA Tape Cleanlines Analyzer posesses various user-optimised methods:

  • Back-geared servomotor driven chill rolls (height adjustable)
  • Manual Calender interlock
  • Exchangeable chill roll sleeve to simplify the maintenance and reduce cost
  • Ergonomic, swivel-type control panel
  • Film break sensor on option

Technical data

TCA Tape Cleanlines Analyzer

Flat film die width 50 - 100 mm
Gap 0.1 - 2 mm
Haul-off speed up to 10 m/min

Customer application

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Detailed information

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