SSA Surface Smoothness Analyzer

During the surface smoothness measurement the extruded tape passes a specially developed chill roll which leads the tape to the TDI camera and a high speed image processing system, which measures pips with the help of reflecting light. (SSA100)

The pips can then be marked by a Label Printer or a Laser Marker, showing their position, height, base diameter and half diameter. Afterwards the film gets cut and the marked pips get separated by a sorter. The whole system is easily controlled by TFT touch panels to handle equipment parameters, a digital and manual rotation adjustment, film tension and the speed. 


Basic Components

• Extruder type ME 20, 25, 30 mm with flat film die 50 – 100 mm

• Modular Film Analyser PM MFA

•  Surface Smoothness Analyzer SSA

 • Online Film Cutter and Sorter OFC100


Technical Data

• SSA (SSA MFA) Diameter 137 mm, width 220 mm, working width 50 mm

• Material stainless steel, chromium-plated or anti-stick coating

• Pip Measurement TDI camera PM100 1 μm resolution for Pip height, 10μm resolution for base- and half-diameter

• Reflection LED Light

Measuring pirnciple

Customer application

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Detailed information

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