On-line Gloss Measurement System OGM

The Gloss Measurement System OGM was designed for an everlasting and precise control of film gloss properties and is used in laboratories as well as on-line.

It detects the particular gloss characteristics of films by using their differential ability to reflect light. A special LED lighting unit illuminates the running film while a photo-detector collects the beams of coherent light which is glossed back. The measured amount of gloss from matt to lustrous is specified in GU (gloss units).

The measurement process is automatically controlled by background measuring and calibration and certified under ASTM D 523, DIN 67530, EN 14086, ASTM D 2457.

Performance Characteristics

  • Measurement during running production
  • Integrated automatic calibration  


Module Compatibility

All OCS extrusion lines

Technical data

Measuring range 0-200GU
Measuring speed 1/sec
Measuring area 3 qcm
Indicator`s resolution 0,1 GU
Averaging 1 - 50 sec

Detailed information

For detailed performance characteristics & technical data please download the product brochure.

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