Modular Film Analyzer MFA

The Chill Roll & Winder Unit MFA has been specially developed to meet the requirements of polymer raw material producers in the laboratory and on-line. The system consists of two chill rolls with controlled drive, several guidance rolls, a haul-off station with two rubber-nip rolls followed by a central pneumatically expandable winder.  The whole system is controlled by a TFT touch panel to handle equipment parameters, a digital and manual rotation adjustment, film tension control and speed control easily.  The MFA is also equipped with a film break sensor and a detector for film direction as an alarm function. An electrostatic discharging of the winder with ionised air is available. 

Performance characteristics

• Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment

• Operation via touch panel with data trending as well as optical and acoustic Alarm functions (Ergonomic, swivel-type control panel)

• Several options for Data communication

• Exchangeable chill roll sleeve simplifies the maintenance and reduces costs

• Safety clutch for all drives guarantees safe handling

• Film break sensor 

Module Compatibility

MFA: Cast Film Line

BFT MFA: Blow Film Line

Calender MFA: Calendar / Tape Test Equipment

PM MFA: Pip Measurement

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Technical data

Chill Roll & Winder Unit MFA
Drive technology Two asynchronous drive units
Speed range up to 15m/min
MFA in Cast Film Line
BFT MFA in Blow Film Line
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Detailed information

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