FT-IR Spectroscopy System APLAIRS®

APLAIRS®   (Analysis  of Plastics  by InfraRed  Spectroscopy) is a spectroscopic technology, to measure real time additives,   co-monomer composition as  well   as chemical  and physical properties during the production of the base resin. Many customers have established a whole range of QC predictions with a better precision and a faster analysis time with only one APLAIRS® unit. The system provides control and safe guidance of various processes, labour costs are reduced significantly and the technology provides a powerful tool for root cause analysis. Typically the investment of one APLAIRS® unit is paid off in less than one year. 

Measuring Principle

A continuous flow of cast or blown film runs through a special infrared sampling section of the APLAIRS® system, which is equipped with an FTIR spectrometer and controlled by dedicated software. The morphology and chemical information concealed in the spectra can be abstracted by APLAIRS® and linked with physical test data. In addition, it is possible to determine the composition and thickness of different layers in co-laminates. 

Performance characteristics

  • New spectrum data every 3 minutes
  • Reliable, robust and extremely precise FTIR spectroscopy in an industrial process environment
  • Conventional as well as multivariate based analysis can be applied in the software


Customer application

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