OCS Training centre

The OCS headquaters provide a factory-owned training centre which offers courses for professional use of the FSP 600 system. In order to use and configure the System under real conditions, our expertise support you during the training process. Furthermore prospective customers can provide us with samples for a detailed detection according to their specifications.

OCS material sample testing

Future customers could send the bulked material to OCS for a detailed detection, which are then sent back with a detailed feasibility study of all kinds of found defects. The future customer can also personally supervise the quality control of the film, pellet or powder sample in a live demonstration.

Technical data

Measuring principle Transmission mode (darkfield & brightfield) & reflection mode, LED Scattering

Lighting technology

High power Chip on Board (COB)
blue / white / red / IR / UV LED`s
Power consumption 18W
Resolution From 50 µm - 500 µm

Contact OCS

Do you want to participate in one of our FSP600 courses? Do you want to get several material samples tested? Please send your request with the following links:

Request for FSP600 course

Request for material sample test