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Feel free to download these brochures in PDF format and get informed about some OCS-projects:

No Pellet Escape with PS800C - Kunststoffe international 2015

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AVR Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Process analysis and improved results in industrial production 2016

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C2 Coating and Converting

Web guidance & Tension control 2015 - No defect goes unnoticed

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Mondi | Film Inspection and Process Control

Article | Film Inspection and Process Control

In Cooperation with Mondi

Kunststoffe 07 / 2015

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Klöckner Pentaplast: FSP600

Article | “Live Quality Control”
An integrated inspection system concept for plastic film production makes it possible for process and quality analysis to be carried out at different workplaces by various responsible personnel.

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Borealis: PA66, FSA100, ME & CR/WU, APLAIRS®, PTS

Poster | "Online measurement of contaminants on polymer pellets" 
OCS systems (PA66, FSA100, APLAIRS® & PTS) as on-line equipment in use at Borealis

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Borouge/Borealis: FSA100, PA66

Article | "Online polymer analysis in Borealis: a step change in process and quality control"
OCS systems (PA66, FSA100) as on-line equipment in use at Borouge & Borealis

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Cabot: Calender & Tape Test, ME & CR/WU

Article | "Surface Smoothness Test for Power Cable Semi-Conductive Compounds (Semicons)"
OCS tape test & calendar equipment in use at Cabot

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Dow: FSA100, ME & CR/WU

Article | “New Gel Detection for Dow Solution Polyethylene"
OCS systems as improvement for film quality in Dow production

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Nordel: FSA100, ME & CR/WU

Article | "Less gels mean more peace of mind"
OCS extrusion line with FSA100 in use at Nordel

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Kunststoffe & Kunststoffe international: PS400C

Article | “Pellet Scanning in free fall”
As latest development of OCS pellet scanning system serial “PS”, the PS400C combines qualitative on-line product monitoring and simultaneous quantitative sorting on a product scale.

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Kunststoffe International: OP5, FSA100, ME & CR/WU9, APLAIRS®, FSP600

Article | “Complete Control”
OCS systems used for on-line quality control and noticed as optimal and complete quality concept for polymer plants.

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Kunststoffe Plast Europe: FSA100, FTA100, FSP600

Article | “Big brother for films”
Advantages of on-line surface inspection of films: Continuous and objective quality monitoring optimise the production process itself

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Brückner ServTec: FSP600

Boards/ presentation | "Brückner Web Inspection System"
FSP600 controls Biax films at Brückner ServTech

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C2 Coating & Converting: FSP600

Article | “Converter of the month”
FSP600 controls the coating on the web in the Elocoat production

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C2 Coating & Converting: FSP600

Article | “One-stop shop from start to finish”
Web inspection systems detect defects in a wide range of applications: from raw material to the finish product

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Envases del Vallès (EDV): FSP600

Article | “Customer satisfaction is key to this processor” (Modern Plastics)
Quality assurance in EDV production process with OCS FSP600

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Klöckner Pentaplast: FSP600

Article | “High quality pharmaceutical film” (Kunststoffe International)
How to occur defects while film production process and how to avoid them. FSP600 in use at K&P.

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Orbita: FSP600

Article | “Uncompromising eyes” (Kunststoffe International)
FSP600 in use at Orbita Film (Poli Film, Poli Coat) to assure high product quality and to optimise film production process

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Kunststoffe Plast Europe: FSP600

Article | “Film Inspection – A question of location”
Where should an inspection system be installed for optimal quality control during production: in the extrusion, lamination or cutting section?

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Kunststoffe Plast Europe: FSP600

Article | “The embedded solution as symbiosis of intelligent hardware and software”
Advantages of embedded solutions: Combination of CCD line scan cameras with traditional/ client server systems

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Windmöller & Hölscher: FSP600

Article | “Standard search for black specks”
Huge uncertainty over the necessary degree of resolution in error detection is one problem between film producers and application markets.

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