First decade: 1990 - 1999

Company foundation and establishment with business orientation Polyolefins Raw Material Analysers

1999 Product range enlarged by physical testing systems

Glossmeter GM5 manufactured to measure the gloss of different sorts of films. 

Hazemeter HM1 assembled to measure the haze of films by using of a high precise sensor.

TM9, produced as a continuous film thickness measurement device, operates by using an incremental measuring sensor. 

The additional company building is completed.

1995 Complete extrusion lines and further development

The continuous development of pellet analyzers produces the PS25C/PT2C as a successor of the PS25/PT2, as additional system advantage to even detect color deviation.

The MT5 is designed. A melt analysis system that allows the detection of impurities and & foreign particles in polymer melt and other liquid substances.

OCS started to manufacture blow and cast film extrusion lines as well as Filtertest MEFT to ensure quality control from one source.

1994 Product range enlarged by chemical testing system

OCS developed the APLAIRSĀ® system using Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) to control polymers not only on the basis of their optical appearance, but also for the measurement of the additives concentration, chemical compositions and density directly on the extruded films. The APLAIRSĀ® system delivers considerably faster and more precise results than any conventional off-line methods. Further development of the Pellet Scanning System PS2 generates the PS25, which is capable of detecting discoloration as well as impurities and foreign particles in resin.

1991 Establishment of new optical testing systems

OCS enters the international market of quality control systems, by presenting the film testing equipment FQM2. This totally new developed control unit allows film surface inspection based on a CCD matrix camera and dynamic image processing. Experts all over the market are impressed.

1990 Company foundation

Three young engineers of different origins meet to realize their vision, to develop a new level of quality control systems for the polymer and petrochemical industries. 

Their success is the foundation of Optical Control Systems GmbH.

The development of film testing equipment starts, and the first prototypes are installed.

Former company buildings

The additional company building is completed in 1999